Final update before the play-offs

Final update before the play-offs

The season is almost over already. Time flies when you’re having fun! Last Sunday we all played our final matches in the regular competition. The final positions in the first division will be decided in the play-offs, the weekend of 11 and 12 of June.

Our first ladies team will enter the finally weekend with a third position, which means they have a match against Den Haag on Saturday and perhaps a game on Sunday. Our first men team enters the play-offs with a number one position! They will be fighting the whole weekend to remain this position.

The Tooze (men) are undefeated champions of the second division!!! They have a match against Nijmegen, of the first division, to see if they can shine just as bright in a higher division! The ladies second team came in third this year and had some challenging matches to play! They will come to the play-offs as Lions Cheerleaders!

And last but not least our Ladies third team, who played against Nijmegen for a number one position last Sunday. Unfortunately, they didn’t bring home the win. They have set the bar at a second position, as the first ever ‘turds’ of the Lions! They will strengthen the Boobz with the Cheerleading!

So all our Lions are in the top 3!!! How cool is that??
A. Super cool
B. meh, jk amazing!
C. tantoe cool
D. all of the above