Introducing the teams: womens’ 1st team

Let’s introduce the Lions’ teams, starting off with our amazing first ladies team, or so-called Bunze! 🦁

The level of experience varies from 4 to 18 years. Several of our female Lions also have played for the Dutch National Team. 🇳🇱

The Lions’ first ladies team participates in the First Division of the NLB competition and we have played multiple finals for the Dutch National Championship. In 2018 we won the championship (go Lions!). Last year the final for defending the championship title was particularly exciting! Unfortunately, after 60 minutes of high-level lacrosse, we lost in overtime when Utrecht scored the golden goal (again congrats to Utrecht!). We’re planning on bringing home some gold again coming year! 🥇🏆

Besides high-level lacrosse, we also know how to have fun very well! In fact, we believe that the more fun we have off-field, the better we play on-field. Pre-game dressing room sessions are the best with a lot of guilty pleasure music, songs from Frozen or like “I’ll make a man out of you”. Also, we went for some awesome team bonding activities last year, like lasergaming and the Rhinocup lacrosse tournament in Belgium!

Want to try-out for coming year’s first ladies team, and maybe even become the new goalkeeper? Don’t hesitate to get in touch on the contact form above, or on any of our social media channels!