Gameday Tooze in Amsterdam + BBQ!


This Sunday, May 8th, the “gentlemen” of the Lions Tooze will be hosting another gameday. The weather forecast is looking incredible (20+ degrees!) so you know what that means… BBQ!

Your sunny lax will be provided by the following teams:
12.00 – Enschede Phoenix versus Tilburg/Leiden Combinatie
14.00 – Amsterdam Lions 2 versus Wageningen Warriors

After the last game we will head back to the clubhouse and fire up the barbecue, so teammanagers: please let me know by Thursday how many of you men will join us.

WARNING: calculations were made and it seems that the Amsterdam Tooze are already champions of the second division. This fact might be celebrated on Sunday and as we are a group of Manly Men, those celebrations might get a little raunchy.

So invite your friends and family and coworkers and let’s make this season’s last gameday in Amsterdam a beautiful one!

See you on Sunday!