Lions gameday

It was an intens day for the ladies teams!
The Turds played against Utrecht 3 and won!!! They re-ensured their #1 position! They are really rocking this season!
The Bunze and the Boobz had their most difficult match of the season today, against the #1 of their competition.
The Boobz started of great with really pretty goals and amazing defending, but unfortunately Belgium was stronger and won.
The Bunz made it exciting till the very end! They were tied all the game until the very last minutes, when The Hague scored their winning goal. They can and should be proud of their battle-skills!

The mens teams were on FIRE today!
The Tooze won with an incredible score of 29-0! Special shout out to Fokker for scoring an impressive 11 GOALS in one match!
And the Wunze won against Groningen Gladiators with 26-4! They brought it again, as usual !